One of the highlights for the Friends Fellowship staff and volunteers is to see the changes in the hearts and lives of the offenders who make themselves available for certain courses or studies that the ministry offers.  A very important course of study conducted by Friends Fellowship is, "Healing for Damaged Emotions." 


Following the presentation and the completion of the course, a Post Test is given.  The test includes the following information:


Please write an essay stating the insights that you have learned from "Healing for Damaged Emotions." 


The questions to be answered are:

     1.  What insights have you gained as the result of the material in the book?

     2.  Have you been able to forgive those that have hurt you?  Why or why not?

     3.  Can you forgive yourself? Why or why not?

     4.  Have your hurts of the past cultivated in your heart more compassion for others that have experienced similar hurts?


     5.  Knowing God loves you, can you love yourself?

     6.  Describe the personal benefits of being involved in this course.


The following are excerpts from a few of the students' essays:

     1.  I have gained a lot of insight from this class.  I am learning to cope with my past and the different ways to do about

          getting through my past.

     2.  The most important things I've learned is how to find forgiveness, not only for others, but first for myself.

     3.  While I was in the "Healing for Damaged Emotions" class, I realized that holding on to grudges and resentment only

          harmed myself and caused me great pains.

     4.  This course has played a big part in y life and the ones around me.  I know now that when I can't handle something, to

          go to God with it and He will see me through it.

     5.  First I would like to thank you with all my heart for doing this class for us.





Another part of the class allowed the students to create a small poster that would describe the changes that God has made in their lives as a result of taking this course.  Here are three that you will find interesting and inspiring.  Congratulations to Roe, Ruth, and the other volunteers who tirelessly go into the prison every week and conduct such important ministry.  


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