Friends Fellowship participates in several community round tables and events to further access current information regarding needs of women incarcerated and released.




  • The Indiana Women’s Prison is a maximum security Level 4 prison with an average population of 592.

  • The Rockville Correctional Facility is a low-medium security Level 2 prison with an average population of 1137.

  • The Madison Correctional Facility is a minimum security Level 1 prison with an average of population of 539.

  • The levels of security in the prison system are minimum, low medium, high medium, and maximum. The three main considerations in assigning an offender to a security level are the committing offense, the length of sentence, and prior criminal history.

  • Offenders are assessed at the Reception Diagnostic Center and the Rockville Correctional Facility. Each offender is scored on the Classification Designation Instrument. Points are assessed according to length of sentence, seriousness of the offense, violence in the offense, escape histories, substance abuse problems, conduct while incarcerated, etc. At that point, the score is calculated (minimum, medium and maximum). The score is then measured against security level criteria, such as sex and violent offenders not eligible for minimum security.


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