Women who are incarcerated are living in a dark world. We believe the scriptures commission us to take the "Light" of the world, Jesus Christ, into the dark corners of the prison world.


The prison population is comprised of every type of person that makes up a social structure: rich, poor, educated, uneducated, tall, short, fat, thin, many ages and races.  However, all prisoners have one thing in common: they have broken the law of humanity.


Many prisoners have no understanding of right and wrong in the sense as you and I do. Forgiveness is available from God for all who truly repent.  We are His hand extended, reaching out to those oppressed.


Friends Fellowship is comprised of Christian volunteers who offer th eir time and service to minister to the women who are incarcerated.  All of our volunteers have been through the State Correctional System's orientation, and they go into these prisons on a regular basis to teach Bible study, homemaking skills, and personal care.  We also encourage a service project that teaches the ladies ot give of themselves as Christ did.


The general goals of the Friends Fellowship organization are:

     1.  To reach as many of the incarcerated women in the Indiana prison populations as possible with a message of hope 

          and forgiveness, and to help their growth in the knowledge of the Word of God.

     2.  To get this ministry into the remainder of the women's prisons in the State of Indiana.

     3.  To expand a jail ministry for women.

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